Data Analytics

Leading Data Analytics Service

Consummate Solution will help you design an effective data strategy from scratch, analyze your existing infrastructure, and mitigate limitations to help you match your existing and upcoming data needs. Our experts will improve the quality and security of data across your organization by establishing data governance processes, accesses, and responsibilities. Use the limitless computing and storage resources of the cloud to optimize costs, improve scalability, enhance data security, and expand your customer reach. Take the cloud-agnostic architecture approach to boost your flexibility and prevent vendor lock-in.

Establish Effective Data Governance

Optimize operations, mitigate risks, and turn your data into revenues with a trusted partner by your side. We can cover all your data needs, from data strategy design to cloud migration or implementation of Machine Learning and AI. Ensure effective and efficient distribution of all data within your organization with data governance. Our team of data experts can establish a collection of roles, processes, and standards to define who can use what data using which methods. Federated data governance in a data mesh infrastructure provides more autonomy for your individual domain teams. Each team chooses the most appropriate tools and resources to deliver their data while simultaneously aligning with the established standards.  Data governance in a data fabric allows monitoring and managing data throughout its entire lifecycle. It allows you to govern data across all environments, applications, and users, and obtain real-time insights on any changes.

Why Choose Consummate Solution
for Data Analytics

Predictive Maintenance

ML & AI models can automatically detect anomalies in your operations to accurately predict equipment failure.

Custom Solution

We recognize that every business has unique data needs. Obtain a team of experts that will analyze your business needs.


Our Data Analytics solutions are scalable, ensuring that they continue to meet your evolving needs.

Managed Team

Entrust part of your project development to a self-sufficient team that will be integrated into your delivery pipeline.

Build Or Scale Your Team
With Top Data Talent

Boost the speed and accuracy of data collection and analysis by implementing intelligent Machine learning algorithms into your infrastructure. Its excellent automation capabilities allow you to reduce the amount of required manual work, eliminate errors, and free up your teams’ time. Gain access to the global pool of top data experts. Consummate Solution teams use the Agile methodology where development and testing go hand-in-hand to cover all your data needs and ensure faster time-to-market of secure and reliable solutions. We can also scale your existing team with additional development capacity and tech expertise. We provide data analytics as a service project across various industries, such as telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Consummate Solution makes sure your data stays protected by complying with all established data security standards.