Embedded Software & IoT

Full-Cycle Embedded Software Development

Consummate Solution embedded software development teams will cooperate with you on eliciting, analyzing, and validating the requirements for your product. We will help you test the feasibility of your idea and provide you with all the deliverables needed to kick off the development phase. We will help you with streamlined full-cycle product delivery. From the product discovery stage to development, manufacturing support, security measures, and maintenance – we focus on your unique business challenges and will support you at each step of the way. Keep your product innovative and attract new audiences to keep the sales up. Consummate Solution will help you upgrade your product to meet the changing demands of the market and take advantage of alternative communication protocols and modern technologies.

Your One-Stop Solution
For IoT Development

Consummate Solution will help you with every aspect of your IoT project, from validating your idea and building a prototype of your hardware to designing scalable cloud architecture and unlocking the value of predictive analytics. We will support you at each step of the way, identifying your business needs and offering the best solutions to meet them. IoT-related services we offer:

  • Device layer
  • Create a fast Proof of Concept to validate your idea.
  • Prototype and manufacture hardware for your IoT project.
  • Develop software/firmware for your devices.
  • Develop a Test Automation
  • Framework to ensure your devices operate properly.

Why Choose Us

Optimize performance, and have a strong security partner by your side

Why Choose Consummate Solution
As Your IoT Development Partner?

As a one-stop IoT solution provider, we provide the whole life-cycle of software development services, including consulting, discovery, design, development, testing, training, and support. It allows you to unify IoT outsourcing expertise in one place, reduce communication overhead, and improve time-to-market—a team of data experts. Consummate Solution has been recognized as a Rising Star in data engineering services for the global market and positioned in the Product Challengers Quadrant both in the data science and data Infrastructure & cloud integration services.

Why choose Consummate Solution
As Your Embedded Development Partner?

Get a full-cycle embedded software development partner who does product discovery, design, development, hardware manufacturing, validation, and installation support. The one-stop-shop approach allows for a more efficient embedded software development life cycle enabling cost and time optimization. Our Service is in full compliance with international industry and security standards. Our developers apply Agile methodology to develop new products, improve the existing ones, or rework your legacy system to optimize its performance.